West Coast Best Coast

You know those ideas that you think you might never do, but you spend your days dreaming about them and secretly planning them even though they might not ever happen? Well, this was one of those trips. It was nothing too crazy and it's been done many many times by other people, but it was one of those trips that I had always dreamed about doing and now was the time for us to make it happen. 

My girlfriend, Renae and I, along with two other friends loaded up the truck with camping gear, surf boards, skis, cameras, film, minimal clothing, and hit the road. We left from our hometown of Springfield, Missouri and headed west. We would be driving through 13 different states and putting a little over 6,000 miles on the odometer, all in 13 days. My mom said we couldn't make it happen..

 Missouri > Iowa > Nebraska > Wyoming > Idaho > Montana > Washington > Oregon > California > Arizona > New Mexico > Texas > Oklahoma. 

All photos shot with 35mm film on a Leica CL.