On the road in Hawaii

"Currently on the North Shore listening to nothing but the waves crash and the wind blow. I'm staring out into the dark sea right now and everything in life seems as it is, at a standstill, and it feels like it's going to stay that way forever. I'm okay with it." -from my personal travel notes that I rarely share.

The start of this trip was a total disaster. Nothing was going right and anything we had planned just got thrown in the trash. Maybe it was the lack of planning and not having any transportation while on the island except for the bus system, but that was never reliable anyway. So why say it was a disaster? It was obviously our fault no matter what we tried to blame it on. Anyways, we did the best we could with what resources and contacts we had, but in all honesty, that didn't really get us far. We came to Oahu with no plan or no transportation on purpose. We did it to challenge ourselves to see how far around the island we could go without having to pay much money for transportation and sleeping arrangements. The only real plan we had was to get up to the North Shore, that was it. The rest were just ideas and thoughts about what we wanted to do.

After spending the first four, stress-filled days roaming around Honolulu, trying to catch a bus that would take us out of the city (it is possible to take a bus out of town, but you can't get very far), we were finally fed up, got all of our pennies together and rented a car for the remainder of the trip. Once we got the car we felt like it was the best day ever and that the world was in our hands. We could finally get around the island with ease and without worrying about catching the bus back to town. It was great. We were finally able to make it up to the North Shore, where we thought we could beach camp with no problem, but come to find out it was against the law to do that... We did it anyway. What else were we supposed to do? Go sleep in the middle of Honolulu like we had been? Nah, it was much nicer sleeping up north despite the risk of getting caught. 

With the car, we were able to see the entire island within a few days with no troubles and no waiting for a bus. I don't know why we didn't have a car waiting for us once we got to the airport. But that was the best part about this trip. We came there with no plan, whatsoever, and things just happened as they happened. Yeah, it was really hard and frustrating at times, but in the end everything worked out in our favor and I couldn't complain about anything. It was a great trip when it was all said and done, but when I go again I would do things a bit differently.

Here's a few photos that I took throughout the trip. 


Notes to myself, from the road:

I've learned this from past trips, but during this trip, what I am about to say really started to make more since.

Everything doesn't have to go as planned and that you should take more risk getting to a place. It might not be the most comfortable or safest way of doing things, but life isn't about being comfortable. It's about taking risk and failing at the things you try, because you then learn from those mistakes and are able to do it the right way next time, as well as pass your knowledge on to other individuals. If life is comfortable and safe, then everything is too easy and you aren't learning anything from experience. Everything is basically handed to you without having to do anything for it. I am one to go out and collect experiences, as well as document them with a camera and notes in the most genuine way possible. Yeah, you have to work hard to get to go collect those moments, but in the end it's worth every bit of sweat, blood, or tear you shed because when you get there, the experience is much more meaningful in every way possible. Anything you want in life is right in front of you and no one is stopping you to get it, all you have to do is reach out and grab it.